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Infant massage classes


Newborn Baby Massage.

 Infant Massage Classes

Infant massage is a wonderful way to connect with your baby on a deeper level while promoting relaxation and reducing stress. As a certified infant massage educator, I'll guide you through various massage techniques that can ease discomfort, alleviate colic, and reduce intense crying episodes. Through the power of touch, we'll foster a secure attachment between you and your baby, contributing to their emotional and physical well-being.

The classes are based on the time-tested Shantala and Vimala techniques. These techniques emphasize the art of touch and nurturing, fostering a strong bond between parents and their babies. They promote relaxation and support the overall well-being of the infants with a comprehensive perspective on the body, the bond, and communication.

Preemies Classes

I also offer a unique and tailored experience for preterm babies based on the Landen Technique of Therapeutic Massage, which is backed by extensive research. This technique is rooted in principles of neurological, psychomotor, emotional, and attachment development, providing benefits for the overall growth and development of babies.​


About the classes

The classes can be conducted either in a one-on-one setting or in a group environment. In both sets of classes, I do not directly massage the baby. Instead, I use a doll to demonstrate the massage strokes, allowing caregivers to observe and practice the techniques by themselves. The emphasis lies in promoting a deep connection and open communication between parents and babies.

The classes are baby led, allowing them to express themselves freely. It is completely ok for babies to cry or move during the sessions. 

​To ensure optimal learning and comfort, the classes are offered over a period of 4 weeks. This time frame allows both the adult and baby to become familiar with the massage techniques and gradually incorporate them into their routine. It is important to give ample time for both parties to learn and establish a comfortable rhythm.


Research has shown that massages for babies and infants provide a wide range of benefits. These include improved bonding, enhanced development, better sleep, reduced discomfort, a stronger immune system, and increased body awareness. These massages allow parents and caregivers to establish a deeper connection with their babies and provide nurturing touch, promoting their overall well-being.

Parenting Support
family support hands.

Parenting Support

Parenthood is a remarkable journey, filled with moments of joy and challenge. Yet, it can also be a path that feels isolating at times. As parents, we often seek someone who can share in this adventure, offer a compassionate ear without judgment, and provide the support we need. That's where I come in. I'm here to walk alongside you on your parenting voyage, offering understanding, non-judgmental listening, and the guidance and support you're looking for. Together, we can navigate the highs and lows of parenthood, and I'll provide you with valuable tools, resources, and ideas to try. Our communication will always be open and respectful, ensuring that we can make any necessary changes together to support your family's growth.

Whether you prefer the convenience of a video call or the warmth of an in-home visit, I'm here to cater to your family's unique needs. We can delve into various essential aspects of parenting and child development. Some of the topics that we can address include:

  • Well-Being: Nurturing your child's emotional development and supporting them through common challenges such as anxiety, stress, frustration, and fear.

  • Setting Boundaries: Discovering the significance of setting age-appropriate boundaries and guidelines that respect your child's individuality and autonomy.

  • Behavioral Challenges: Addressing tantrums, aggression, and other behavioral challenges with effective strategies.

  • Gross Motor Development: Encouraging self-awareness and confidence in your child's development from the very beginning.

  • Building Healthy Relationships: Strengthening your bond with your child through nurturing interactions, building trust, and fostering emotional connections during daily care moments.

  • Feeding: Exploring the world of introducing solid foods and promoting healthy eating habits, whether you prefer Baby-Led Weaning (BLW), purees, or a mix of both.

  • Potty Learning: Gaining insights into supporting your child's transition from diapers to using the potty in a gentle and child-centered manner.

Infant SleepSupport
baby sleeping.

 Sleep Support

Restful sleep is essential for both babies and parents alike. As an infant sleep specialist certified by CESI, and a mom of two little kids, I understand the challenges parents face when it comes to baby's sleep patterns.

Together, we'll create a gentle and non-crying sleep plan that aligns with your parenting style and respects your baby's unique needs. Through this tailored approach, I'll help your little one establish healthy sleep habits, leading to better rest for both you and your child.

About the sessions

In our first session, we begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your child's sleep. 

This includes:

  • An in-depth analysis of your specific case based on a questionnaire you've previously filled out. 

  • A one-hour video session or home visit where we discuss your case, address any doubts or concerns you may have, and propose potential changes to improve your child's sleep. We distinguish between normal, healthy sleep and sleep problems. Our process starts by ensuring there are no deviations from typical sleep patterns or underlying health issues affecting sleep. From there, we collaborate to identify the factors disrupting your family's sleep and we explore practical, solutions.

  • To better understand your child's sleep patterns, we provide you with a document that helps you maintain a sleep diary for your little one. This diary will be a valuable tool in our consultation process.

After the initial session, we conduct follow-up consultations to assess the initial plan, make necessary adjustments, and address any questions or concerns.

My approach

I undestrand that Infant sleep is a constantly changing process that evolves as a child grows. This journey is not a straight line; recognizing this trajectory assist in setting realistic expectations. It's important to emphasize that infant sleep is interconnected with the family's daily routines. Sleep and wakefulness are intertwined, just as a baby is deeply connected to their caregivers.

No crying alone: My sleep plans are carefully crafted to establish healthy sleep habits without resorting to the practice of letting babies cry alone. I believe that Infants and young children rely on emotional attachment to develop a sense of security and trust. Crying is their primary means of communication, and not responding to their cries can negatively impact this crucial attachment process. Instead, I focus on gentle and nurturing methods that prioritize your child's emotional well-being.

Co-Sleeping Support: Co-sleeping, whether sharing a bed or room, is a natural and family-friendly practice. My approach embraces co-sleeping as long as your family desires. I understand that this simple practice can effectively address many sleep-related challenges and enhance the overall rest and well-being of your entire family. Every family has unique preferences and needs when it comes to sleep arrangements. My approach respects your family's choices and encourages co-sleeping as long as it aligns with your comfort and values. I believe that a well-rested family is a happy family, and I'm here to support your chosen sleep practices while addressing any related challenges.

Breastfeeding-Friendly: Falling asleep at the breast is a natural act and it brings numerous benefits for both baby and mom. I acknowledge the importance of nighttime feedings and I can help you find a balance that suits your family's needs.

As a certified professional in Infant Sleep Neuroscience by CESI (Centro de Estudios del Sueño Infantil), I adhere to their deontological code, which you can read here. For any concerns or complaints, you can contact them at 

Play based parnting

Psychomotor Therapy

Psychomotor Therapy is a unique approach to child development that goes beyond the conventional. It explores the profound connection between a child's physical movements and their overall well-being.

At its core, it believes that movement is not just a physical activity; it's a gateway to emotional, cognitive, and social growth.

It supports the child in finding improved ways to be at ease in their own bodies, better relate to others, and foster healthy development.

How Does it Work?

In Psychomotor Therapy, I assess corporal expressions as a means to understand the child's developmental process. The body becomes a gateway into their internal world and access to the emotional/behavioral realm. Through purposeful body experiences and interventions, I guide children in overcoming developmental difficulties. 

I employ the natural tools that every human being possesses to grow and develop: Play and Movement. These are the primary means children use to communicate and express their inner world -emotions, ideas, thoughts- while discovering and learning about themselves and their surroundings.

Who May Benefit from It?

Psychomotor Therapy is tailored for children facing emotional, social, behavioral, or motor challenges in their development. 

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